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Woodwarm Stoves

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Woodwarm Phoenix Multifuel Stoves

These modern, stylish, highly efficient stoves are the latest addition to our range. The Phoenix Range of multifuel stoves are all Defra approved, which means you can enjoy a wood burning stove even in a smoke controlled area. All feature the unique clean burn air wash system that keeps your glass clean at all times. incredibly high efficiency ratings. All available with log store style base.

All freestanding models suitable for a 12mm super imposed hearth.

Woodwarm Fireview Multifuel Stoves

The Fireview multifuel range is designed to meet all your heating needs, with outputs ranging from 4kW up to 20kW to heat any size of room and if required, boiler options between 8,000 Btu’s and 70,000 Btu’s to water. Woodwarm Fireview stoves epitomise the design detail of an efficient air washed clean burning stove. Incorporating overnight burning, they are easy to light and use.

The Enigma Range, 3.5kW inset and 8.0kW Freestanding stoves, A single door displaying the charm of a two door stove, a vital aspect to keeping the glass clean at all times. Fixed grate incorporating the log retainer.

The Slender Range, Multi Fuel and Woodburning Stoves all designed for the larger look but with a reduced output, (ideal for small rooms with big fireplaces).

The FoxFire, A new addition to the Woodwarm family, this superb little stove boasts 82% efficiency on both coal and wood, and, with the ability to pipe air directly to the stove, makes it the stove of choice for new build housing.

Woodwarm Woodburning Stoves

The WildWood Range, Wood burning is quickly becoming the fuel of choice due to its sustainability, and being Carbon Neutral is far less damaging on the environment. Did you know a tree will release as much carbon dioxide rotting in the woods as it does heating your home?

The Woodwarm Wildwood range of stoves have been developed to be environmentally friendly, burning only wood as a totally sustainable fuel. This range is developed from the same body size as their Fireview compatriots and is capable of taking the boilers that fit the similar models.

Woodwarm Inset Stoves

Although open fireplaces are an attractive feature of a living area they lose a lot of heat up the chimney. Woodwarm Fireview and Enigma Inset stoves give you all the beauty of an open fireplace and the benefit of all the warmth generated by the stove. There are three sizes of stove for versatility.

Woodwarm Double Sided Stoves

The versatility of the Woodwarm Fireview and Wildwood range of stoves mean that most of the range can be made as double-sided stoves. They are available as either a double depth stove or single depth with a door both sides for a fantastic view of the fire from either side, still incorporating the Woodwarm airwash system and full riddling grate.

Fireview Double Sided stoves - available from the 4.5kw Double Sided Single Depth stove to a 20kw Double Sided Double Depth stove, which gives a heat output of approximately 35kw.

If you require a double depth Enigma stove, this is only available in the Double Depth 8kw

The Wildwood range of stoves are available in double sided, ranging from the Double Sided Double Depth 5kw up to the Double Sided Double Depth 20kw.

Installing a double sided stove is an excellent way of heating two rooms in one appliance. You still have the options of Flat Top, Profiled Flat Top and Curved Canopies along with the full range of Legs, Plinths and Pedestal options, making the Double Sided range extremely versatile.

Online Catalogue |  Stoves - Domestic |  Woodwarm Stoves